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GA Senate Honors GAP with SR 947

ATLANTA (March 22, 2016) | The Georgia Association of Paralegals (GAP) would like to thank Georgia State Senator Josh McKoon (R – Columbus) for sponsoring Senate Resolution 947 commending GAP for its leadership and congratulating the organization on its three National Federation of Paralegal Association awards. On March 14, 2016, the following members visited the Capitol to receive the resolution on behalf of GAP: Suzette Corley, President; Melody Cox, Director of Membership; Angela Caruso, Columbus Area Chair; and Milissa Pembleton, Columbus member.

“It was an honor to visit the Capitol to receive our resolution,” said Suzette. “We are proud of our organization and its members and were pleased to be recognized by the Senate.”

In addition to recognizing GAP’s 2015 Board for its leadership, SR 947 honors Stephanie Jackson, who was awarded the PCCE Scholarship in 2015; Kathy Winkleman, who was named Records Coordinator for the National Federation of Paralegals Association; and Melody Cox, who published an article entitled You Condemn It, You Bought It in the Summer 2015 issue of The Paralegal Reporter. Furthermore, the resolution commends GAP on its numerous pro bono and community service activities during 2015. 

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March 22, 2016

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Rochelle Spears Wilson, Director of Communication

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GAP was founded in 1973 as the “Atlanta Association of Legal Assistants, Inc.” Its purpose is to enhance the role of paralegals in the legal profession, to improve the working conditions of paralegals, and to maintain a continuing relationship with bar associations throughout the state. GAP is active in community service and pro bono work throughout the Metro Atlanta area and is a strong advocate for paralegal certification and licensure. For more information, please visit