Business Partners

Everyone knows the days of customer versus vendor are long-gone. Business Partners provide us with the wealth of knowledge and resources that make GAP members able to provide better value and services to our firms and clients. In exchange, we look first to those legal vendors who have invested in our organization and understand the complexities of the legal profession. It is a partnership created through mutual respect and shared vision and goals.>

Over the years, legal vendors have supported GAP in its endeavor to advance the profession of paralegals throughout the state of Georgia. They have been true partners in our efforts, which is why we now accurately call them our Business Partners.

It is with this partnership in mind that GAP is excited to announce its first ever Business Partner Sponsorship Program! This program opens up a year-long sponsorship of GAP with recognition of your partnership through numerous avenues. We have listened to your suggestions and understand the value of more time with members. Each sponsorship level provides unique opportunities to market to and network with GAP members at a much lower cost than in years past.

There are numerous plans available to meet the needs of all budgets. Please click here to see which level best meets the needs of your company. Contact us at [email protected] for more information or to sign up today!