ProBono Work

The Importance of Pro Bono Service

Haley Schwartz, Esq. of the Atlanta Legal Aid Society presentation at GAP’s Dinner Meeting on October 11, 2011 is available here in both a PowerPoint and pdf format.

GAP strongly supports the pro bono precepts espoused by the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) and encourages all paralegals to aspire to NFPA's goal of twenty-four hours of pro bono service annually per paralegal.

If you are conducting pro bono work, please remember to report your hours to GAP’s Director of Pro Bono, as we would like to help you keep records toward the twenty-four hours/annum goal. Complete the Pro Bono Hours Reporting Form and email it to

Pro Bono Contacts
If you are looking for opportunities to provide pro bono assistance, check with GAP’s Director of Pro Bono ( to inquire about projects GAP is coordinating. You may also research the following websites:

Atlanta Bar Association listings