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Injury Care Solutions is a no-cost solution to manage personal injury cases, increase revenue, and reduce expenses. We connect personal injury patients, healthcare professionals, and attorneys, working directly with providers to guarantee payment for their services so you on focus on reaching a settlement.


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Our mission is simple. We aim to care for patients who have a neurological disorder that resulted from a personal injury. We go to great lengths to ensure that our patients are cared for with a qualified neurologist in a caring and compassionate environment.

We pride ourselves on having the ability to offer our patients access to the proper neurophysiological services and collaboration, with highly educated and experienced medical professionals, that they need and deserve.

Our practice operates on lien and specializes in personal injury, meaning patients can get the care that they need before their case is settled.


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Gairy Johnson 

Hope Neurological & Medical Services

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As one of Atlanta’s elite staffing agencies, Paramount Staffing has been placing candidates within law firms and corporations for over twenty years.  We pride ourselves with maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients and candidates.  Dorina Dupuis, our Senior Legal Consultant, works with some of Atlanta’s top law firms.  She is known for her listening skills and comprehension of both client and candidate desires to find the perfect match!   Whether you are seeking a temporary or permanent position in a law firm, Paramount can help. 

We help businesses grow one hire at a time!


Why Paranet?

Advancing technology has driven down the costs of corporate transactional services including lien searches, formations and registered agent appointments to name a few. 
More law firms today are listening to their clients and providing more value by utilizing Paranet’s fast, easy and cost-effective solutions for their corporate needs. 

Paranet specializes in transactional services in all 51 US jurisdictions and internationally.  If you have questions, we have answers.  Call us today at 800.277.9977.